Vincent Van Gogh a prolific painter from Holland

Vincent Van Gogh's "Pear Tree in Bloom" c. 1888-1889

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t know about or dislikes Van Gogh. The beloved painter sold only one painting during his lifetime. He is best known for his sunflower paintings series and starry night paintings. He often made several versions of a topic. He also is know for suffering from mental illness and slicing off his own ear. But did you know that Simon & Schuster’s logo is based on Van Gogh’s Sower?

Artists I Like: Vincent Van Gogh

Here are some larger images and a brief description below:

Van Gogh Watercolor Ink Pencil Drawing of the Sower after Millet 1881

The drawing is one of many versions of The Sower – the drawing is pencil, ink and watercolor on paper. He created many paintings and drawings of the sower. In fact, Simon & Schuster’s logo is based on Van Gogh’s sower – sowing the seeds of knowledge. I have included a version of Simon & Schuster’s logo from the 1960s in the gallery above.

Vincent Van Gogh's "Pear Tree in Bloom" c. 1888-1889This particular image is a scan from an old exhibition catalog that I purchased from an estate sale in the area of Cooperstown, NY in the 1990’s. This exhibiton was a travelling exhibiton from the period of 1961 through 1962 and travelled from The Baltimore Museum of Art to the Cleveland Museum of Art, then to the Albright Art Gallery in Buffalo, NY and ended at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. It consisted of paintings, drawings and watercolors. This painting is from the period of Feb 1888 through May 1889 in Arles.
Vincent Van Gogh Rest from Work PaintingAnother of my favorite Van Gogh works is an oil painting on canvas from 1890 entitled Rest From Work.
van gogh still life absintheVan Gogh a phenomenon – his work still life with absinthe – I had not seen it before so wanted to share it here.