About Me [Artist] Amy Marie Adams

Self Portrait Amy Adams

My name is #Amy Marie Adams and I am an american #artist and have been living and working out of Cluj-Napoca, Romania since 2005. Welcome to my #art website. On this site you will find many paintings and drawings. You will also find mixed media work, prints, digital images, original musical compositions and videos. 95% of the pages you will find here are my creations, the other 5% are quotes […]

Art Photography [publication] The Handmade Photograph

The Market in The Handmade Photograph Art Photography: The Market The magazine’s premiere Issue published my BW photograph, The Market in their feature item, One Photograph. You can view the magazine here. You can download the PDF version of the magazine for free and it is also available to purchase in print.

Mircea Roman, Romanian Sculptor

Image of a work by Mircea Roman a romanian sculptor

Mircea Roman is an award winning sculptor who studied in Cluj, left Romania for London for some years and then came back. Below you’ll find a few good links in english and/or romanian. Regardless of which language, either way good pix so you can see the work. Also shared here is a youtube interview with him and larger images of the works shared on this page in the gallery. Hope […]

Maria Truța a Romanian Painter

IImage of Maria Truta's painting Laughing Crying (rasu plansu)

Artists I Like: Maria Truța In 2007 there was a retrospective of Maria Truța’s work at the Muzeul de Arta in Cluj-Napoca. She graduated from Cluj’s art academy in 1968. This is a scan of a 40×40 oil painting with a title translated to english is Laughing Crying from the exhibition catalog. There is an article about the exposition in romanian here.