Art Photography [publication] The Handmade Photograph

The Market in The Handmade Photograph Art Photography: The Market The magazine’s premiere Issue published my BW photograph, The Market in their feature item, One Photograph. You can view the magazine here. You can download the PDF version of the magazine for free and it is also available to purchase in print.

Giacomo Brunelli BW Photos

Giacomo Brunelli's Dog Photograph from his book The Animals [Copyright Giacomo Brunelli]]

Dog Photograph from his book The Animals Giacomo Brunelli does not publish basic photography, he creates works – herein lies the difference between art photography and photography in general. On a personal note I am particularly fond of animals as subjects in creative works. Here is a collection where animals are shown in ways that can evoke a myriad of thoughts, feelings and stir your emotions. You can see an […]