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Hi Everyone – 95% of the works available here are only available as prints on paper or canvas and as greeting cards. There are a few items too that are available only as throw pillows and cards (some animal cat stuff). Shop for and buy fine art prints here. Fine art prints are available on various weights of paper. They can be framed or unframed. They can be stretched on […]

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paved with gold art by amy marie adams

amy marie adams [a/k/a amy adams] change-maker, visual artist and blogger Artists I Like the Series Artists I like my blog series can include a full detailed article or might just be an image. What artists do you like? Articles & Info for Artists Articles in this section are written by various authors exploring art. Art MAG Visual Art Mag Visual is a series of collections and articles from Medium […]

Art [curated Project] Post Modern Art Manifesto

Unknown Close-Up by Amy Marie Adams

PMAM | Manifesto an independent artistic project curated by Andrea Ioppolo 2012 Post Modern Art Manifesto dot Org Contemporary Art Project, artists from all over the world were invited to participate in this international art project on the internet [curator: Andrea Ioppolo] A variation of the work Hidden Angel was submitted and selected for this project.