Sandro Botticelli – Angels Detail from Mystic Nativity

Sandro Botticelli detail from the Mystic Nativity
Scan from Rizzolli’s Every Painting Botticelli purchased back in the day I think for $1 at a NYC bookstore on the corner of around 57th St on the west side. Think it was called Colliseum Books.
Sandro Botticelli detail from the Mystic Nativity

Artists I like: Sandro Botticelli

  • Do you have any video of that? I’d like to find out more details.

    • admin

      Hi Elana – No video unfortunately but the full work is kept and is on display at the National Gallery – the detail shown here is a part of a ring of 12 angels with an inscription on the top.

      “This picture, at the end of the year 1500, in the troubles of Italy, I Alessandro, in the half-time after the time, painted, according to the eleventh [chapter] of Saint John, in the second woe of the Apocalypse, during the release of the devil for three-and-a-half years; then he shall be bound in the twelfth [chapter] and we shall see [him buried] as in this picture”. – Greek Translation from wikipedia

      The work is thought to be of a dual nature with both the birth and the return during end time. You can see the full image online here.

      If you come across a video, please share it.