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ART MOVEMENTS A-Z List of Art Movements: ART TIMELINES History of Art Timeline Artists for Dummies Timeline Art History Timeline File is unreadable towards the end Card art appreciation the WRONG way Tips for Appreciating and Evaluating Art

The Organised Artist is a Productive Artist

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From time to time this page will list a bunch of products that are useful for working artists and well some of these products are for non-artists too but it is with the artist in mind that they were chosen. Working with a myriad of supplies and tools it can sometimes get chaotic so I’ve put together a list of some very useful and affordable products to help you keep […]

MOMA Finding your way on their site

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MoMA Website So you want to learn about a particular artist or even a theme. MOMA has an entire learning center that you can immerse yourself in on-line. I’ve put together this page to help you find some key pages as their site is quite large. First links listed are ARTISTS, THEMES, DEFINITIONS, BLOG & COLLECTIONS. Another FREE resource that they offer on their site are previews to several books […]

MoMA Publications FREE previews

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Did you know that The Museum of Modern Art a/k/a MoMA in NY offers free PDF file previews of many of their books? The Moma pulications free PDF previews aren’t just the table of contents and 1 or 2 pages. Many are more than 15 pages and include beautiful colour illustrations of artworks. In order to find them you need to go to the EXPLORE PUBLICATIONS page. You can view […]