Creative Services Price List

Price List for Amy Marie Adams and Arta Refugiatei SRL The following prices are a general guideline. Pricing is calculated according to a variety of factors so, please contact me to discuss your project.


1. Portrait Painting
2. Landscape Painting
3. Still Life Painting
4. Other Painting
5. Murals

Painting prices range from $250 to $2500 + the cost of materials and shipping. Price is based on size of work, materials, complexity of design. Oil painting costs more primarily since the process is much more time consuming. Please contact me for further information.

Murals – Please contact me to arrange a time we can discuss your requirements for your mural painting. Cost for a mural is for service only and the client is responsible for the cost of all materials, in addition to the cost for transportation, meals, and accomodation.


You can learn more about how an artist determines their prices by reading this informative article at Small Business Cost Helper.

Creative Services Price Guide - Amy Marie Adams

Payment – Terms
50% Deposit required to begin work.
50% Due at completion.

For jobs over $1000 a payment plan with milestones is available with a 25% deposit required to begin work.

Payments can be made via International Bank Transfer in Euros, Dollars or Pounds.
Payments can be made via Paypal, however, they will incur 3% fee of the total cost of the job. This fee will only be waived if 100% of the job is paid in full upfront.