Pavel Filonov Avant Garde Painter

Pavel Filonov Painting: A Man and a Woman (Adam and Eve) (1912–1913)

Artists I Like: Pavel Nikolayevich Filonov

Heads (1910). Filonov considered this painting to be his first real work.Almost every painter I have ever studied has many sides to themselves with very few exceptions. The longer their life, the more diverse ….maybe? At some point in the early 90s I was exposed to Pavol Filonov (Russian 1882-1941) but only in a limited way. Previously this work was unknown to me and not sure how I feel about it quite yet, but since faces are a common subject for me wanted to include it. The idea of many together is what is appealing to me, but it seems too dark to me (the colour not the subject.) And here is a portrait of his sister quite a contrast in my opinion and then what to me is the most known of his works – Holy Family (peasant family) a similar idea is shown in the family portrait “Imparat si proletar” (rulers & workers) by Alexandru Ciucurencu. on the right here is a very different work in my opinion of his from Rob Lee’s photo album on Flickr.

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Portrait of E. N. Glebova (the artist's sister), 1915, oil on canvas. 117x152.5 cm. Russian Museum


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Pavel Filonov - Eleven Heads
Finally a russian language video without translation but if you speak russian you are in luck, if not, still it is worth watching because it is an exposition of his work and is well presented video – who knows maybe translation CCs will be available in the future? Watch below or CLICK HERE TO WATCH