Hugo Simberg Finnish Symbolist Painter

The art of Hugo Simberg - Garden of Death

UPDATE: Today on this 10th day of September 2015 (orig pub date 30/04/2013), I decided to post a quick update to this article on my blog since I came across an article that really grabbed my attention. It was on Hugo Simberg’s photographs. At the bottom of the page is the link to it. Previously, I hadn’t thought of Simberg as referencing photographs in his art process, yet he does. Here is one of the photos that was the basis for his Wounded Angel

Model in the studio for The Wounded Angel (1903)
Model in the studio for The Wounded Angel (1903)
The art of Hugo Simberg - The Wounded Angel

Hugo Simberg: Artists I Like

who I suspect inspired Sendak

Here is a video from youtube with a bunch of Hugo Simberg’s works and at 3 minutes it is interesting to note that the character on the right of the woman looks quite a lot like a larger version of Max from Where the Wild Things Are – probably Sendak was inspired by Simberg? Anyway just a hunch dont have time to find out if that is actually a fact or not, just my opinion.

And finally, here is the wikipedia link with a few details about Hugo_Simberg –

The Photographs of Hugo Simberg