Emilio Ortiz, painter, Mexico

Emilio Ortiz: Study for a fresco, oil painting

Emilio Ortiz was a Mexican artist (1936 – 1987)Emilio Ortiz: Study for a fresco, oil painting

Artists I Like: Emilio Ortiz

Some of his works have been up for auction but not a lot of info is available about the artist. Here is one I found for sale online –

Animal Drawing by Emilio Ortiz 1962
Animal Drawing by Emilio Ortiz 1962

I did find however the following excerpt on wikipedia where he is included in a list of artists in a movement called –

Nueva Presencia

Nueva Presencia (“new presence”) was an artist group founded by artists Arnold Belkin and Fancisco Icaza in the early 1960s. In response to WWII atrocities such as the Holocaust and the atomic bomb, the artists of Nueva Presencia shared an anti-aesthetic rejection of contemporary trends in art and a belief that the artist had a social responsibility. Their beliefs were outlined in the Nueva Presencia manifesto published in the first issue of the poster review of the same name. “No one, especially the artist, has the right to be indifferent to the social order.”[4] Members of the group included Francisco Corzas (b. 1936), Emilio Ortiz (b. 1936), Leonel G6ngora (b.1933), Artemio Sepúlveda (b. 1936), and Jose Munoz, Francisco Corzas, and photographer Ignacio “Nacho” López.

Emilio Ortiz Seated Abstract Figure
Emilio Ortiz : Seated Abstract Figure

Here are other images of his that are inserted via their links or showing their cards – they are shown here for educational purpose. You can also click here.

My favs are Sin Titulo, Untitled a/k/a Pájaros and Waiting – chk the links.

Aves entre mujer by Emilio Ortiz

Emilio Ortiz Auction Results – Emilio Ortiz on artnet

Harriet 2013, thirteenth plate in the portfolio, 21 Estampadores de Colombia, Mexico y Venezuela (21 Printmakers of Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela) – Emilio Ortiz