Davide Dormino, Italian Sculptor

David Dormino's Anything to Say - source:newswire

I like a lot of different sytles and periods of art and normally favor painters over sculptors. But that’s just because there are more colours in painting generally. Today in the Artsts I like series is Davide Dormino, a living artist, who some might think had the audacity to say anything in his project about freedom Anything to say. Yes there is craftsmanship and technique and the sculptures are interesting to look at but it is the idea AND the presentation that elevates the work.

Artists I like: Davide Dormino

Besides the grand gesture of creating statues and creating political art of what some may consider controversial figures, he uses a chair. The chair isn’t some early 20th century idea of art as an object but a symbol. There aren’t 3 chairs with statues on them but 4 – one is empty for you – yes for you.

Concept art of Davide Dormio;s project Anything to say
Concept art of Davide Dormio;s project Anything to say

He speaks about it in the following passage –

“Art can be political. I believe in acts. The chair has a double meaning. It can be comfortable, but it can also be a pedestal to rise higher, to get a better view, to learn more. They all chose to get up on the chairs of courage. They made their move in spite of becoming visible and thus judged. Many think they are traitors and terrorists. History never had a positive opinion of contemporary revolutionaries. You need courage to act, to stand up on that empty chair even if it hurts.”

As for this particular project, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention his collaborator or as he says the man behind the idea – Charles Glass, born in 1951, is an American author, journalist and broadcaster specializing in the Middle East.

Charles Glass – writer, journalist, broadcaster

Finally there is much ado about this project – which for me seems to be the purpose of art in general so if you like it or not, he succeeded in his mission to make a public art piece. At the end of this article are several links to various articles about the project.

More about Davide Dormino

Honestly I don’t really know much else about Davide Dormino since he is new to me but that’s changing as I found this interview with him that you can read too –

In Conversation with Davide Dormino

Furthermore, a look at his art on his site for me needs more reflection. Of course it would’ve been nice to see it in person (I digress) but I wouldn’t have even known him had it not been for the internet. Immediately I was drawn to his Magnetism series of images.

Artist Davide Dormino's
Artist Davide Dormino’s “Magnetism”

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