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Hi Everyone – 95% of the works available here are only available as prints on paper or canvas and as greeting cards. There are a few items too that are available only as throw pillows and cards (some animal cat stuff). Shop for and buy fine art prints here. Fine art prints are available on various weights of paper. They can be framed or unframed. They can be stretched on canvas and they are available in various sizes. It’s easy to buy unsigned prints here – find an image you like, select from a myriad of options and get a ready to hang work right here. If you want to purchase a signed print contact me.

International Shipments

Fine Art America has production facilities throughout the US and UK, and we’ll ship you order to any address in the world from the closest available production facility.

You can afford fine art prints!

Framed examples that you Buy Fine Art Prints by Amy Marie Adams Art

Great news! All fine art prints ordered from my website are either printed in the UK or in the US at this time. This is great news since if you live in europe prints no longer come from the US meaning – low shipping rates, faster turnaround times and no import taxes. US buyers of art prints still ship from North Carolina – great news all around

Shipping time for all orders for paper prints – paper prints ship to any address in the UK within one business day… and to any address in Europe within 2 – 5 business days! LOW shipping rates… NO import duties or taxes. This includes all of papers: archival matte paper, glossy photo paper, luster photo paper, semi-matte photo paper, picture rag, somerset velvet, watercolor paper, and metallic paper. By the way, signed prints are printed in Romania and they ship from romania. You can order unsigned prints on this page for signed prints, please contact me.

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