Aurora art, not the phenomena in space but the singer songwriter

aurora the singer songwriter art - prints available for sale by amy adams art a/k/a amyincluj

Combining traditional art creation processes with technology including deep dream, digital painting and working with layers upon layers there are many iterations of one image that all started with a piece of paper, paint, conte crayon, carbon and pastels. Here is a gallery with some of the final digital images. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Here is the original image that was taken at night on my phone so the quality isn’t great.

Aurora the singer songwriter mixed media work by amyincluj
aurora musician art by amy adams original for sale $250 mailed rolled in a tube
The image area measures approximately 40cm/16in wide x 37/15,5 in height with a minimum of approx 5cm/2in around the image – it’s not even. By the way, the original is for sale as are limited digital prints of the original art digital variations – 4 of them 3 prints each, signed. After that no other prints are to be made for sale. Digital art is quite interesting because these are originals that come into being through quite a long process and they must be printed to even exist in our physical reality, unlike mass print production of the original. Anyway I’m rambling. The original painting on paper shown above is $250, the original digital iteration prints (images shown above the original) are $108 each on canvas and are slightly smaller  then the original. If you are interested in purchasing any of the aforementioned, simply email me at amyinro @ or call me on skype amyinro or on the phone. I have a RO number +40 741 162 394 and a US number, email me for the US number if you want to call. Prices include shipping and handling to the US and EU countries, art is shipped unframed, rolled in a tube.