Thomas Hart Benton, American Artist

Thomas Hart Benton - american painter - oil painting "The Hailstorm"

Artist Thomas Hart Benton, Oil on Canvas - The Sheep Herder

Thomas-Hart-Benton-Photographed-by-Carl-Van-VechtenThomas Hart Benton was an american painter who painted everyday life. Shown above are 2 oil paintings that illustrate his use of colour –

1. The Sheepherder
2. The Hailstorm

That is my favorite thing about his works is how he uses colour. You can read more about Thomas Hart Benton here. Feel free to add any links to his works in the comments section.

Thomas Hart Benton The Hailstorm

Artists I Like: Thomas Hart Benton

Check out the embedded video below. It was created by Rich Victor on youtube and is a slideshow of several of Benton’s works.

Love to hear from you in the comments below – let me know what you think of his palette and/or style. Click here for the directory of articles from the series ‘Artists I like.’

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