Fine Art Prints: Archangel Gabriel in the form of a bird – Hand embellished

pastel drawing arch gabriel original sketch by amy adams art

Inspired by Angels: Limited Edition Signed Prints For shipping outside of the EU or USA or if you have any questions contact me. Arrives approximately 2 weeks from ship date. Important information:When applicable, the buyer is responsible for any import taxes or fees. All shipments are insured, thus if the item arrives damaged preserve the packaging and send me a photograph of the damaged goods. The normal procedure then is […]

Max Beckmann, German Expressionist Painter

Max Beckmann Painting The Rape of Euorpa

Artists I like: Max Beckmann Selected Works progressing from 1901 until the 1940’s Beckmann PDFs Thanks for stopping by and reading about Max Beckmann. I hope that you will be moved and excited by his art. A new comment system is in place – for awhile there was no commenting but it’s back 🙂 So, feel free to leave a comment and don’t forget to share this article on twitter […]

Buy Fine Art Prints

Hi Everyone – 95% of the works available here are only available as prints on paper or canvas and as greeting cards. There are a few items too that are available only as throw pillows and cards (some animal cat stuff). Shop for and buy fine art prints here. Fine art prints are available on various weights of paper. They can be framed or unframed. They can be stretched on […]

Art Photography [publication] The Handmade Photograph

The Market in The Handmade Photograph Art Photography: The Market The magazine’s premiere Issue published my BW photograph, The Market in their feature item, One Photograph. You can view the magazine here. You can download the PDF version of the magazine for free and it is also available to purchase in print.

Art [exhibition] Ethical Metalsmith’s Digital Billboard Exhibition: Composting Good & Evil: Redesign for Sanctimonious Sinners

Golden Girl Painting Oil and Metallic Paint

2008 Exhibition Composting Good and Evil: Redesign for Sanctimonious Sinners March 2008 Group art exhibition Composting Good and Evil: Redesign for Sanctimonious Sinners at the Savannah College of Art and Design Gallery, Montgomery Hall, Savannah, GA, USA read more here. This exhibition was projected on large billboard sized screens. 2 works were included – Golden Girl and Maggie.

Art [film] “Paint Me Nude”

Paint Me Nude Life Drawings featured in Manan Katohora’s film [2004] Paint Me Nude,” USA – several large and small drawings were featured in the film by Manan Katohora. The main character, exposed, is transformed when she becomes a nude model for an art class. The art studio scenes featured art that I created for the actor/students to place on their easels, as well as, larger works that I had […]

Art [mural] Brussels, Belgium: Hotel Bloom Mural

Image of Big Cat Head - Digital Proposal for Bloom Hotel Mural Project 2007

Hotel Bloom Mural [2007] Selected to paint a mural through the European League of the Institute of the Arts (ELIA) Hotel BLOOM Project, Mural room #744 entitled “Flower Dogs,”Brussels, Belgium. You can read more about my experience here. The images featured above are 2 of the 3 submissions, a digital image of an oversize cat head and my painting ‘red dog,’ both of which I ultimately and regretably did not […]

Art [exhibition] Expo Transilvania 7th Edition

Ode to Henri Cartier Bresson, part of the Embrace Series by Amy Marie Adams

Expo Transilvania 7th Edition 2008 Several works from my masters thesis were shown in the group exhibition at Expo Transilvania 7th Edition [22 June 2008 – 5 July 2008] – Universitatea de Arta si Design Cluj-Napoca, Romania. 3 works from the exhibition are shown above.

Art [publication] William and Mary Review

William and Mary Review, Volume 47, April 2009 Two oil paintings, one from the Razboi series and one from the Embrace series were published in The William and Mary Review [Volume 47, 2009] a longstanding and known literary magazine produced by The College of William and Mary in the USA. Learn more about the William & Mary Review here.

Art [curated Project] Post Modern Art Manifesto

Unknown Close-Up by Amy Marie Adams

PMAM | Manifesto an independent artistic project curated by Andrea Ioppolo 2012 Post Modern Art Manifesto dot Org Contemporary Art Project, artists from all over the world were invited to participate in this international art project on the internet [curator: Andrea Ioppolo] A variation of the work Hidden Angel was submitted and selected for this project.

Art [exhibition] Art Takes Times Square

Image of the digital billboard from Art Takes Times Square of the work of Artist Amy Marie Adams 18 June 2012

This work “Gabriel” was exhibited in Art Takes Times Square Digital Billboard Exhibit in June 2012. The NYC Times Square exhibit included an estimated 2800 artists works from all over the world on digital billboards in Times Square in Manhattan [curated by Artists Wanted dot org]

Art [exhibition] Tales from the Black Lodge

Vagabonzi 2, painting on canvas | Tales from the Black Lodge Exhibit: Amy Marie Adams

Tales from the Black Lodge: Altered Esthetics Gallery 5 paintings by Amy Marie Adams were exhibited at Altered Esthetics Gallery in the show Tales From the Black Lodge in October 2008. The group show which was inspired by David Lynch. 3 of the works were related to the vagabonzi series. Altered Esthetics is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

Art [other] Westhall Secret Art Postcard Auction: Theatre Cats

Theatre Tophap Cat small artwork by artist Amy Marie Adams for the Westhall Secret Postcard Auction 2012

Theatre Cats: Tophat Cat A couple of years ago, I participated in a fundraiser to help a children’s hospice and St. Andrew’s Church renovation in Westhall. The funds raised were split between the two. It was fun to create something that someone could enjoy and help not only children but a renovation of a historic building. This little exercise also inspired a few more kitty postcard sized works too. You […]

Hugo Simberg Finnish Symbolist Painter

The art of Hugo Simberg - Garden of Death

UPDATE: Today on this 10th day of September 2015 (orig pub date 30/04/2013), I decided to post a quick update to this article on my blog since I came across an article that really grabbed my attention. It was on Hugo Simberg’s photographs. At the bottom of the page is the link to it. Previously, I hadn’t thought of Simberg as referencing photographs in his art process, yet he does. […]

Hans Hofmann: Painter and Teacher

Hans Hofmann Self Portrait with Brushes

When I was undergraduate studying art, required reading was Chipp’s Theories of Modern Art: A Source Book by Artists and Critics (California Studies in the History of Art). It is a collection of original writings by artists themselves – letters, essays, manifestos etc. One of the artists that is included in this text is the German born artist who later moved to the United States, Hans Hofmann. I was very […]

Alexandru Ciucurencu (Romanian, Post-Impressionism, 1903–1977)

alexandru ciucurencu painting

The first painting, which I personally prefer, shown here by Alexandru Ciucurencu is based on a passage from a poem by renowned Romanian author Mihai Eminescu, “Imparat si proletar” (Rulers and Workers) the author of the article doesn’t specifically say what passage of the poem and I am unfamiliar with this work so there is not interpretation or speculation here, although I wonder if there is something else behind it. […]

Thomas Hart Benton, American Artist

Thomas Hart Benton - american painter - oil painting "The Hailstorm"

Thomas Hart Benton was an american painter who painted everyday life. Shown above are 2 oil paintings that illustrate his use of colour – 1. The Sheepherder 2. The Hailstorm That is my favorite thing about his works is how he uses colour. You can read more about Thomas Hart Benton here. Feel free to add any links to his works in the comments section. Artists I Like: Thomas Hart […]

Giacomo Brunelli BW Photos

Giacomo Brunelli's Dog Photograph from his book The Animals [Copyright Giacomo Brunelli]]

Dog Photograph from his book The Animals Giacomo Brunelli does not publish basic photography, he creates works – herein lies the difference between art photography and photography in general. On a personal note I am particularly fond of animals as subjects in creative works. Here is a collection where animals are shown in ways that can evoke a myriad of thoughts, feelings and stir your emotions. You can see an […]

Constantin Brancusi, Romanian Artist & Sculptor

Brancusi Seated photo of a photo from Atelier Museum in Paris by Bogdan Badulescu

Artists I Like: Constantin Brancusi Constantin Brancusi’s atelier in Paris, I didn’t go when in Paris but a friend of mine did. Recently I viewed his pix on FB and asked to share them in my artists i like series. So here they are and following them are a few excellent links with his bio, photos and other info about this great romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi. To see more photos […]

Mircea Roman, Romanian Sculptor

Image of a work by Mircea Roman a romanian sculptor

Mircea Roman is an award winning sculptor who studied in Cluj, left Romania for London for some years and then came back. Below you’ll find a few good links in english and/or romanian. Regardless of which language, either way good pix so you can see the work. Also shared here is a youtube interview with him and larger images of the works shared on this page in the gallery. Hope […]

Maria Truța a Romanian Painter

IImage of Maria Truta's painting Laughing Crying (rasu plansu)

Artists I Like: Maria Truța In 2007 there was a retrospective of Maria Truța’s work at the Muzeul de Arta in Cluj-Napoca. She graduated from Cluj’s art academy in 1968. This is a scan of a 40×40 oil painting with a title translated to english is Laughing Crying from the exhibition catalog. There is an article about the exposition in romanian here.

Vincent Van Gogh a prolific painter from Holland

Vincent Van Gogh's "Pear Tree in Bloom" c. 1888-1889

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t know about or dislikes Van Gogh. The beloved painter sold only one painting during his lifetime. He is best known for his sunflower paintings series and starry night paintings. He often made several versions of a topic. He also is know for suffering from mental illness and slicing off his own ear. But did you know that Simon & Schuster’s logo is based on […]