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Aurora art, not the phenomena in space but the singer songwriter

aurora the singer songwriter art - prints available for sale by amy adams art a/k/a amyincluj

Popular culture art with an original mixed media work of Aurora the young singer songwriter. Combining traditional art creation processes with technology including deep dream, digital painting and working with layers upon layers there are many iterations of one image that all started with a piece of paper, paint, conte crayon, carbon and pastels. Here is a gallery with some of the final digital images.

Suicide Squad Art

Harley Quinn original art by amy adams a/k/a amyincluj Suicide Squad - superhero or supervillain? Worst. Heroes. Ever.

I’ve been a lot pre-occupied the last couple of days with creating little videos, various drawings and digital versions of Katana and Harley Quinn both characters from the upcoming movie Suicide Squad. So here are 2 more gifs and Katana’s gif is my favorite – I’m having so much fun! Let me know what you think in the comments!

About Me [Artist] Amy Marie Adams

Self Portrait Amy Adams

My name is #Amy Marie Adams and I am an american #artist and have been living and working out of Cluj-Napoca, Romania since 2005. Welcome to my #art website. On this site you will find many paintings and drawings. You will also find mixed media work, prints, digital images, original musical compositions and videos. 95% of the pages you will find here are my creations, the other 5% are quotes […]

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Hi Everyone – 95% of the works available here are only available as prints on paper or canvas and as greeting cards. There are a few items too that are available only as throw pillows and cards (some animal cat stuff). Shop for and buy fine art prints here. Fine art prints are available on various weights of paper. They can be framed or unframed. They can be stretched on […]

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paved with gold art by amy marie adams

amy marie adams [a/k/a amy adams] change-maker, visual artist and blogger Artists I Like the Series Artists I like my blog series can include a full detailed article or might just be an image. What artists do you like? Articles & Info for Artists Articles in this section are written by various authors exploring art. Art MAG Visual Art Mag Visual is a series of collections and articles from Medium […]

ARTICLE: my greatest failure and what I learned from it

Red Dog painting by Amy Marie Adams

Lesson 1. I DID NOT IMPLICITLY TRUST MYSELF = TRUST YOURSELF I fell into a trap of my own making by asking some friends which work they would like to see as a mural. That is not the wrong part. The wrong part was that even though I did not agree with them, I painted the mural that they preferred. Thereby going against my own gut instinct, because I did […]

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Get in touch, ask a question, buy art, collaborate, comission a work – looking forward to hearing from you. Contact Information: Amy Marie Adams [art]* str. Ciocarliei nr. 43-45, ap 34, et. 4 400619 Cluj-Napoca Jud. Cluj, Romania +40 741 162 394 skype: amyinro *Amy Marie Adams [art] a division of Arta Refugiatei SRL Arta Refugiatei SRL CIF: RO 18411203