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amy marie adams artistMy name is and I am an american and have been living and working out of Cluj-Napoca, Romania since 2005. Welcome to my website. On this site you will find many paintings and drawings. You will also find mixed media work, prints, digital images, original musical compositions and videos. 95% of the pages you will find here are my creations, the other 5% are quotes from artists that inspire me or maybe an article about a technique or project that I am either exploring or working on. Currently I am working on a series of works called The Liberty Project. You can find out more about it by clicking here or you can visit the project’s website here and the project’s facebook page here.

If you like something, contact me. If you dislike something, contact me. If you want to ask me a question, contact me. If you want to learn a technique and you think I can help you, contact me. If you want to collaborate on a project with me, contact me and finally if you want to buy some of my art, contact me.

There are many many entries and pages of art here. I invite you to search, drift around and explore. This isn’t a site where only my best works are selected and shown. This site bares all. Most artists will only present their best works, me not so. I believe in sharing works that I consider ‘learning experiences’ and/or sometimes partial works that are ideas. No excuses! and besides what is the point in showing only what I think people will like – it is up to the viewer to decide.

If you like my style of work and want to 1. buy an original work or print you see on the site, and/or 2. hire me to create a unique piece of art (painting, printmaking, drawing, murals, mixed-media) for you, please contact me here.

Thanks for visiting and please connect with me on linkedin here, follow me on Facebook here and/or twitter here.

Artists I Like

In case you are interested in learning more about artists that inspire me, please click here for the directory of articles. Some articles are more intensive, while others are simply a single image by Artists I Like

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